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You deserve quality makeup that enhances your natural beauty, not hides it.                     

Having a professional makeup look doesn’t have to be super dramatic. Get a stunning, natural look where you still look like you but refined.

Atlanta Brand Photography

Visually showing up as the best version of yourself can be a struggle when you don’t have the look to match. Whether it’s in front of a camera lens or a crowd, you struggle to have a confident presence because you’re missing the look that has the power to enhance your natural beauty.


You are the face of a brand that people love and are influenced by. You’re just ready to look the part. And when it comes to showing up consistently for your brand, you need professional artistry that can do the same.


A full face of makeup shouldn’t be the thing that makes you look like everything else but yourself. Instead, you deserve a quality look that does all the right things, like refine the beauty that’s already there.

It’s time you had a makeup look that doesn’t outshine or overpower you but empowers you to glow and look flawless.

Atlanta Makeup Artist Branding

Elevate your presence
with quality glam
you can


CLIENTs + work SEEN IN...



High-quality professional makeup services designed to remind you of your natural, true essence so you can show up confident and beautiful             


Whether it’s for your next brand shoot or monthly content creation, date night or red carpet, you need a gorgeous makeup look using the correct elements to create a refined look that aligns with your brand, pulls out the beauty that’s there, and that helps you show up confidently as yourself.

Ditch the overwhelm of choosing the right makeup products, the steps of application, and how to create a consistent everyday makeup routine. Instead, with my expertise, you can get the intentional guidance to help you gain clarity on the basics of makeup while learning techniques, tips, and tricks to help you achieve the look you desire with confidence and ease.

The key to a flawless look that enhances your natural beauty is using the right products. So whether you’re looking to switch up your makeup routine or get rid of products that have overstayed their welcome, let's go shopping and refresh your makeup collection with products that are tailored to your specific beauty needs.

Need multiple appointments?

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Kalena is the absolute best! Whether I'm preparing for a photoshoot or date night she always gives me the flawless look I'm going for . She always provides me with top tier quality service . She will forever be my makeup artist. 

I rate her 10/10 every time !

- Lauren C.


timeless beauty
for a day you'lL
never forget           

It’s only fitting to have an unforgettable look for the moment you dreamt of. And even though your wedding day can seem overwhelming, your makeup shouldn’t be. You deserve luxurious glam that enhances the beauty already there and reminds your special someone of the moment they wanted forever with you.

Atlanta Bridal Makeup


, you can...


Get a natural or soft glam look that highlights the best parts of you and empowers you with a confidence that is second to none by a high-quality professional you can depend on

Overcome the intimidation of creating a makeup look you can be proud of and learn the ins and outs of makeup to develop a consistent routine for your perfect look comfortably

Gain the guidance and assistance you need to have a line up of makeup products that support you in the best way possible

Have a luxurious beauty experience with ease that offers a timeless look for the most beautiful day of your life



WHY HELLO, Beautiful

Atlanta Makeup Artist

I’m Kalena!



...And I want to help you show up in the most beautiful way, no matter the moment or occasion. With the artistry of makeup, I believe in enhancing what is already there so you can be empowered and feel beautiful. Because, if we’re honest, we rarely feel that way.


Even as a professional makeup artist, I understand the intimidating journey of what it means to present yourself fully, and not just yourself but all while accepting the skin you’re in.


After years of suffering emotionally and physically from cystic acne, my evolving relationship with makeup, which was once the very thing I used to cover up the parts of me I wanted to hide so badly, became the tool that helped me feel free and comfortable in my skin using products I know and love.


With nine years of experience, I recognized the importance of everyday people, like you, gaining the ability to have a confident presence that pushed them to stand out, loving and defining their beauty in a natural, refined way.


You deserve a professional artist that understands your need to visually show up looking like yourself and looking the part in the best way possible.

I found Kalena on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her makeup application style. I have found many MUAs that cake a lot of makeup on women, and I desired a more natural look. Kalena ability to apply makeup, you look and feel like your best self, made me love her work. I booked my session prior to a photoshoot and she was very professional, communicative, and timely. After being extremely pleased, I booked her again and felt the same feeling my second shoot. I would highly recommend Kalena for all your makeup needs.

- Dominique Taylor, Retention Strategist


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