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Empowering you to be
the real definition of
refined beauty

For the one that desires to look herself in the most beautiful way,

Refined Glam is a natural and soft glam brand offering makeup services

that enhance ones own present beauty by creating a refined look to empower them

to show up confidently in every space and ditch the need to hide behind overpowering makeup that limits their best features.

All skin types, tones, and textures are welcome and leave refined.

Getting a professional makeup look can have you asking all the questions…

“How can I show up beautifully and with confidence when my skin isn’t at its best?”

“What difference can a natural glam look make to help me be confident in the way I present myself?”

“How can I trust that my need to show up as myself with an effortless glow will be understood and met with confidence?”

That’s where I come in.

Atlanta Branding Makeup

hey, Pretty!

I’m Kalena!

I’m Kalena, the professional makeup artist that’s ready to help you glam naturally like never before.

With over nine years of experience in the beauty game, I understand the importance of every woman to highlight the most beautiful parts about themselves fully.


You can do that and confidently show up in your role when you get a professional makeup application for a natural beauty look.


Most don’t understand the power natural and soft glam has to enhance your organic features and make you feel light, airy, and free to be and look yourself while having a captivating, radiant glow.


I’m here to set the tone in the beauty industry that natural is better, and it deserves to be refined, not hidden.

The backstory

My interest in the cosmetic industry came after a decade of suffering physically and emotionally from cystic acne.

You could imagine that having the ability to confidently show up as myself was challenging to say the least. 


So, instead of constantly trying to use makeup to hide, I desired to use it in a way that helped me become confident in my natural skin and empowered me to show up in every space authentically.


Then, I began to have the desire to do the same for other women, like you. So, I started cultivating my passion for beauty by navigating my way through understanding clean products, various skin textures, and types to create flawless beauty looks for real women.


My talent for providing flawless and timeless beauty for people through makeup allowed me to shine during a memorable time working at Bare Minerals. I was afforded limitless dream-like opportunities to work with popular brands such as LORAC Cosmetics, Laura Geller, and Make Up For Ever.


I’m ready to help you achieve your refined look by capturing your natural beauty.


Beautiful Makeup

At Refined Glam, there’s no doubt you will receive a makeup look that captures your natural beauty with skin-like application and a radiant glow. You deserve to show up effortlessly and with confidence while being the actual definition of refined beauty.


Quality Care

Placing your trust in one who has the power to elevate your look is significant. We want to make sure you know that you’re in good hands and ready for any moment or occasion.


Professional Touch

You must know you’re not just a client in a chair but a priority in the hands of an expert who desires to make you feel and look beautiful just as much as you do.

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